Digital Printing and Cutting

We own the most improved machines that can produce digital printing from roll to roll.

Especially with our HP latex printing machines we do eco-friend printings with perfect colors and resolutions.

Our daily production capacity is about 4000 to 6000 m2 roll print from paper, folio and canvas.

By using our sheet printing system, we reach the ability to produce direct printing on pvc, policarbon, PP sheets, fiberboard, mdf, plywood, laminat, acrylic, glass, leather, packing card, corrugated cardboard etc..

Our sheet printing machine has the ability to produce very creative jobs.

It is possible in Beşrenk to cut in any shape of the produced digital printing. The most improved CNC routers, pnomatic cutters, Laser cutting machines are used. With the usage of private softwares, materials are cut in any shape and from any point without flashs and perfect cuts can be obtained.

Wood Production

Metal Production